From Author Marine to Actor Many actors and others who work in the movie industry know early on that is what they want to do, but some find themselves drawn to the art of filmmaking later, having done other things. I am fascinated and intrigued when I come across someone that started out doing one thing and then wound up doing something completely different and unrelated. This is the case with actor Shane Senior. Shane’s background and experience were intriguing, so I had to hear more about his story and who he is. You have a fascinating background. Before becoming … Continue reading SHANE SENIOR


An interview with Yannick Picard By Anthony T. Eaton “Beliefs shape the viewfinder people use to see themselves, navigate life, and make decisions that impact the future…” -Yannick Picard. What is my life’s purpose? These five words bring us one of the most complex questions that we ask ourselves. For some, a minority, the answer is evident early on and often straightforward. For others, perhaps a majority, it is an ongoing search for meaning. Discovering one’s purpose in life is often an evolving process driven by introspection, personal growth, and change. The evolving nature of this process is what drew … Continue reading PERSONAL GROWTH AND DISCOVERY


By Anthony T. Eaton This is Fashion Week in NY, established in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert press director of, the New York Dress Institute the American fashion industry’s first promotional organization. Over the last 78 years, it has evolved to be one of the premier events showcasing the best designers and their collections. Although there is an official body that coordinates a weeks’ worth of events that include parties and shows, many shows take place outside of that structured formality. Most of these events are put on by independent designers, those who are up and coming and have a vision … Continue reading CHANGING THE FACE OF FASHION


An interview with Mark Wojcik – Recruiting Pro By Anthony T. Eaton I recently sat down with Mark Wojcik recruiting pro, to talk about his starting his own Talent Acquisition consulting business. We discussed what it takes to be a great recruiter and really make an impact. After a few years in sales and marketing, Mark joined TalentBridge, a recruiting & staffing firm in Charlotte, NC in 2011. Mark developed and honed his recruitment skills over nine years until he decided to create his own Talent Acquisition consulting business and apply what he had learned. You recently made a significant … Continue reading FORGING RELATIONSHIPS NOT TRANSACTIONS

Paul J. Alessi – Born a Champion

I recently sat down with Actor and Director Paul J. Alessi to discuss growing up in New York and his unique journey into the entertainment business. Paul played competitive ice hockey as a kid and later fought as an amateur boxer, was a volunteer firefighter and youth sports coach. His good looks led to modeling and ultimately acting and then directing.  As a kid growing up in New York, you were into sports; what was that like for you? I have always been into sports, health, and fitness for as long as I can remember. I started playing roller hockey … Continue reading Paul J. Alessi – Born a Champion


Billie Holiday “There’s no damn business-like show business – you have to smile to keep from throwing up.” ~ Billie Holiday Billie Holiday’s life was complicated with great extremes, she lived it on her terms, and Andra Day, who plays Billie in the new movie The United States vs. Billie Holiday, shows us those extremes in a way we have not seen. The film takes a more in-depth look at Billie’s life’s complexity, focusing on the last decades of her life with a depth and richness lacking from the earlier 1972 movie Lady Sings The Blues. That version of Billie’s … Continue reading TWO VERSIONS OF ONE WOMAN

Talking Politics with Todd Hill-Jones

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Todd Hill-Jones to talk about coming out, his election as president of the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, and the political landscape for the LGBTQ plus community.  In addition to his new role as President Todd has also done work with Public Policy and Political Affairs, Todd’s experience also includes work with The Urban Institute in their Housing Finance Policy Center, founding and running a political action committee, volunteering, managing, and consulting on political campaigns at all levels of government from City Councils to Presidential elections.  At what point did you go, … Continue reading Talking Politics with Todd Hill-Jones