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In my first book, I asked sixteen leaders from a wide range of backgrounds these questions and more. Attorneys, consultants, activists and others share their stories, journeys and thoughts on leadership. A unique and personal look into what makes a good leader from the perspective of individual experience.

Leadership Conversations


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Everyone wants to be inspired. As early as our childhood, we look to our parents and other adults to guide and motivate us; to provide us with direction and a helping hand or encouraging word; and to inspire us to follow our dreams. Our mentors become our leaders.

This book provides its own inspiration. And by applying some of the perspectives in these pages, I believe that you, too, can glean some very important truths about your own leadership and use these golden nuggets of wisdom to help you be become the leader you were meant to be.

From the Forward by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, Author, Speaker, Life Transition Coach

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